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A dinosaur theme can be very successful because children are often intrigued and interested in learning about dinosaurs, which makes it a great unit to integrate learning in many areas.

Language & Literacy




Dinosaur Stomp!  

Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp

Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones

How Do Dinosaurs Count To Ten?

How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors

Literacy: Read Dinosaur Stomp!  by Paul Stickland. Follow up with the Rhyme Activity Dinosaur Stomp.



Talk about the different kinds of Dinosaurs and their characteristics, such as: what they ate, where they lived, what they looked like.  Hold up plastic examples or photos of realistic dinosaurs if you have them. Encourage the kids to use descriptive words to describe what they look like.

Literacy: Write their descriptive words on a big piece of tag board that is cut into a dinosaur shape!

Read The Dinosaur Alphabet Book (Jerry Pallotta's Alphabet Books) and go on an Alphabet Dinosaur Hunt around the room.  Before reading the story cut 26 dinosaur shapes from cardstock or construction paper, and program them with the letters from the alphabet and hang them around the classroom. After reading the story ask the kids to join you on a dinosaur alphabet hunt. Find the letters as a group or have the children work in groups or pairs to find all the letters in the alphabet.  For older children provide them with a master sheet that has the entire alphabet printed on it, on a clip board, and have them mark of the letters as they find them. Leave them up and children can continue to find letters on their own throughout the unit.

Read Dinosaur Roar Board Book and Finger Puppet  and have the children predict the rhymes and opposites.

Stamp a Dino Story- Have the children stamp a picture using Dinosaur stamps, then have them dictate to you a story about their picture. 

Melissa and Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set


Songs, Poems, & Fingerplays

Dinosaur Stomp

I can stomp like a dinosaur look at me

I can walk like a dinosaur look and see

I am big and I stomp

And my feet go clomp clomp

I can stomp like a dinosaur

Stomp stomp stomp

(Have kids stomp around the room while you repeat the rhyme together, then ask them what else dinosaurs might do? Jump, crawl, kick, eat, and have them make up appropriate actions) 

Literacy: Write the action words the children come up with on a piece of chart paper so they can see them in print. Sound them out as you print them. Discuss how these are "doing words" called verbs as the children actually "do" them.



Math & Number Concepts

Sorting Game: Do some dinosaur sorting with dinosaur counters or dinosaur pictures, sort them by appearance, or meat eaters and plant eaters.

Matching Game: Make some dinosaur matching cards with dinosaur stickers or clip art found on the internet.

You can find some good Dinosaur Clipart at:

Classroom Clipart


Dinosaur Count: After reading How Do Dinosaurs Count To Ten? 

In small groups, play a counting game where children have to pick a dinosaur card with numbers on them and then count out that many bones from the excavation site.  Use our dinosaur pattern and program the dinosaur shape with the numbers one through ten and cut out a bunch of the bone shapes to spread out in the excavation site. (Make an excavation site using your sand table or simply fill a small plastic storage container with sand and bury the bones in it.

Measure Dinosaur Bones: Get some facts from the internet on how long certain dinosaur bones actually were, then help the kids see how big that real is by measuring them out with yard sticks and tape measures. Do the Dinosaur Dig Science activity and encourage them to measure the bones they find with a ruler.



Dino Sponge Painted Scene
Supplies: Dinosaur sponges, tree sponges, large sheets of construction paper, paint.
Directions:  Let kids create a dinosaur scene using the sponges and paint.  ** you could also use rubber stamps or stencils instead of paint and sponges.

Literacy: Have children tell you a story about their picture (transcribe it), display their pictures and stories together on a class bulletin board.

Craft Activity: Dinosaur Plaster Models
Supplies: I purchased the molds at a craft store, they are filled with plaster-of-paris and then they can be painted.
Directions:  Follow directions on box.

An alternative craft would be to cast Dino tracks... make a Dinosaur footprint on sand and carefully pour plaster-of-paris into the print, allow to dry, and remove from sand.

Dinosaur Hats: 

Supplies: Paper plates, elastic cord, green tempera paints, sponges for painting.

Directions:  Cut the paper plates in half and staple them together in a row so they look like the plates on the back of a stegosaurus. Attach the row of plates to one full paper plate to be used as the base of the hat. Attach a piece of elastic cord to the full paper plate to make a band that will go around the child's chin and hold their dinosaur hat on their head. Have the children sponge paint them with different shades of green tempera paint using the sponges. Allow them to dry.



Dramatic Play

Dinosaur Habitat: Set up a dinosaur dramatic play area with boxes painted to look like rocks and set out lots of artificial plants. Have the children make dinosaur hats from the art activity and allow them to wear them in the dramatic play area.



Music & Movement

Play the game Dinosaur Tag... one person is T-rex, if he tags you you are extinct when all the dinosaurs are extinct then the game starts again with a new T-rex.



Science & Discovery

Dinosaur Dig: Bury plastic dinosaurs in the sand table, give kids small paintbrushes to use to excavated the dinosaurs.  Talk about when the dinosaurs lived and other dinosaur facts, extinction is a big new word to learn.  Ask the children what you would find if they were really digging for dinosaurs... bones, called fossils.  Depending on the age group you could talk about fossils too.

Read Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones

Literacy:Have children keep "Dinosaur Dig Journals"- they can draw pictures of the bones they find, write words for describing dinosaurs, and other details such as length of bones they have measured, etc.

 I DIG Dinosaurs Velociraptor Skeleton Excavation Adventure


Blocks & Building

Add plastic dinosaurs to the block & building area!

  Dinosaur Play & Store Big Box

  Jumbo Dinosaurs 5" - 6" (12/PKG)

  Simba Nature World Dinosaur Playset


Puzzles, Games & Manipulatives

 Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs 48-Piece Floor Puzzle

 Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Chunky Puzzle




  Digital Arts & Crafts Studio-Dinosaur





Dinosaur "animal" crackers, chocolate milk!

Dino Dig Pudding... Let kids excavate fruit chewy Dino's from the tar pits... (choc. pudding)



Bulletin Boards

Display children's Dino pictures and stories on a class bulletin board. *Use a dinosaur footprint to identify each creator and attach it to the bottom corner of each child's piece of art/story.





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