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All About Me

This is a great theme for building self esteem, getting to now each other, and a super way to start off a school year. Make sure to take pictures of all the children in your program. They can be used for a variety of activities for this theme!


Language & Literacy



I Like Me! (Picture Puffins)

Wemberly Worried

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse  



  • Read a variety of books that encourage positive self esteem such as I Like Me! (Picture Puffins) by Nancy Carlson and  Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. After reading one of the books toss around a ball and have each child say something positive about his or her self.


  • Create an "All About Me" class book or display info sheets on all of your students*. Use this template and help children fill in their personal information. 

*I have parent's interview their children at Open House and fill out these simple forms. It not only gives me a chance to get a little extra info on each student they look nice hanging on a bulletin board in our classroom.

  • Have children write or draw in a personal journal words/things to describe themselves.


  • Ask children to bring in a picture of their family and let them take turns telling about their family members during circle or group time. Use the pictures to create a class bulletin board about families.


Songs, Poems, & Fingerplays

I am Special

I am special,

I am special.

So are you,

So are you.

We are very special,

We are very special.

Yes it's true,

Yes it's true!


Math & Number Concepts

My Favorites Graph- Choose a topic top create a class graph for. Ask the children to think of their favorite food, candy, color, or something. On chart paper show children how to graph how many children like each thing. Make it more interactive by having the children write their names on a post it note and place their name next to their favorite thing.

Classmates Number Match- Do a counting activity with your class by having the children get into groups. Count how many children are in each group. Take a picture of each group. Use the pictures to create a class number matching game. (You may not need to use them all at once, save some and switch them up) Create a game board by attaching the pictures to a piece of tag board using Velcro. Also make corresponding number cards that can be attached with Velcro below the pictures. Let the children count how many of their classmates are in the picture and place the correct number card underneath it. Change up the game by switching the pictures around.


Free Painting- Any kind of free painting is a great way for children to express their individuality.  

Self Portrait- Discuss with the children what a self portrait is. Show them pictures of self portraits different artists have pointed. Have a couple of child safe mirrors available for the children to look at when painting at the easel. Encourage them to paint a self portrait. 

LiteracyAsk them to tell you about their painting and record their responses on the back or on a separate sheet of paper.

My Favorite Things Collage-  Kids love telling about their favorite things.  Give then pieces of construction paper to glue pictures of their favorite things to.  Provide them with a variety of magazines to tear or cut pictures from.  (This is a great beginners project for learning how to glue!  Explain to the children where the glue goes and show them how to turn over the piece of paper and put the glue side down on the paper.)  

For younger preschoolers who are not proficient at cutting yet.  Precut a bunch of pictures for them to use.  Begin by explaining what you will be doing and then take a look at some of the pictures together.  Ask the children questions about what the pictures are of, what is happening in the pictures, etc.  What do they like in the pictures, what don't they like.  Ask them to choose some of the picture of the things they like to glue to their collage.  Be sure to have pictures of foods, toys, movies, other children playing, adults, etc.

Life Sized Me- Trace children's bodies on large pieces of paper from a paper roll. Provide them with supplies to decorate their bodies and add clothing details.

Me Puppets- Give each child a "body" shape cut from construction paper (provide Box of 8 Multicultural Crayons - Standard or Multicultural World Construction Paper 9" x 12" (50 sheets) ) Let the children add fabric scraps, yarn, and wiggle eye as well as other details to make themselves into a puppet. Attach them to large craft sticks.

Handprint Collage- Make a class handprint collage. Talk about how each of the children is unique and have them paint their hand and press it onto a large sheet of paper. Label the collage with your program or class name and display it in your room.


Dramatic Play

  • Set a out several child safe mirrors in the dramatic play area!


  • Encourage the children to dress up in different dress up clothes and tell you why they choose those clothes.


Music & Movement

Oh Do You Know the Kids in School (or daycare)- (sung to the tune of "Oh do you know the muffin man")  Have the children stand in a circle holding hands.  One person is chosen to be "it".  They will wear a blindfold.  The other children circle around them holding hands while singing "Oh do you know the kids in school"  When the verse stops the child in the middle walks forward and finds a classmate.  They then have to try to identify how the classmate is just by touching them.  teachers may need to help them out by having them touch the persons hair or clothing.  After they guess then that child would get a turn. 

If you- (a listening game)  Start out by telling the children you will be playing a game about following directions.  Have them spread out and ask them to listen carefully.  Ask questions and give them actions to do for the answers.  For example "If you like the color blue jump up and down."  "If you have a B in your name touch your nose."  "If you have hair that touches your ears wiggle your fingers."  Continue to play until they loose interest or you are out of time.  Maybe ask the children if they would like to lead the game.  Praise them for their good listening skills and efforts.  Be sure that you are getting everyone involved with your questions.  


Science & Discovery

Fingerprints-  Have some washable stamp pads and white paper available for the children to make fingerprints on.  Take a look at them using magnifying glasses.  Ask the children what they notice about the fingerprints.  Are they different?  the same?  What else do they notice? Explain to the children that no two people have the exact same fingerprints. 

Who's Part Discovery- Enlarge pictures of the children. Cut out just certain body parts like eyes, arms, hair, mouths, etc. Show the parts to the children and see if they can name the body part and the person it belongs to! This is a great activity to reinforce the names of body parts and it promote careful observation skill. Be sure to include elbow, hip, shoulder, chin, and ankle, these are often ones children do not know.


Blocks & Building

Class Blocks- Print copies of pictures of the children in your program that can be taped onto small blocks from your block area. Let the children use the picture blocks in their play with the blocks.

Class Building Book- Have a camera ready (A Polaroid would be idea) to take a picture of something the children build in the block area that they are especially proud of. 

Literacy: Ask the child to tell you about his or her building and record their response. Print a copy of the picture and their response on paper to create a class book of everyone's projects. Keep the book in the block and building area.


Puzzles, Games & Manipulatives

Classmates Puzzles- Print copies of the pictures of your children. Cut them into large pieces to make each one kind of a puzzle. Place the pieces into individual plastic baggies and set several out at a time in the puzzle area.

Classmates Matching- Make double copies of pictures of all your students to create a class matching game. Glue them to construction paper or card stock and laminate to make them extra durable.



Visit the website and click on Digi Color. They have an awesome online coloring program that lets children create unique pictures using all kind of different art tools.

Or purchase the Kid Pix software for your home computer! This program lets children create all kinds of one-of-a kind masterpieces! There are endless creative options! Display their creations around the classroom!




Trail Mix- Let each child create their very own trail mix.  have a variety of trail mix ingredients available to them and let them add a few spoonfuls of their favorites to a plastic snack baggie with their name on it.  Label each one with "(child's name) Special Trail Mix."

Me Crackers- Give each child a large round cracker.  Let them create a face using squeeze cheese.  Have some M&M's for them to create eyes, string liquorish for a mouth, etc.


Bulletin Boards

Hands Down We are Unique!- Hand children's art work or other creations on a bulletin board with this title. Put a handprint (purchased or made) next to each persons work with their name printed on it. 

Trim it with

Carson Dellosa CD1456 Handprints Border, Straight Border, 36" x 3" Strips, 12 Per Pack, Multicolor

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