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Music & Movement

Music & Movement plays an important part of every early childhood environment.

Some programs choose to have an interest area or center dedicated to music and movement others make it a part of their daily routine. However you use music and movement activities in your program the are a wealth of resources out there to enhance children's learning and development. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Dr. Jean

Dr. Jean has a fabulous website filled with resources for teachers!

We absolutely love all of the Dr. Jean CD's! They are so fun and the kids love them too!



Dr. Jean - Just for Fun! OLE! OLE! OLE! CD  

Dr. Jean Nursery Rhymes & Good Ol Times C

Dr. Jean Happy Everything 2 CD Set

One of our favorite songs to do is:

"My Mother is a Baker" (Dr. Jean & Friends)!!!!

  • This song is so cute and we made up actions to go along with each part of the song.  They are very self explanatory but I will list the ones we do...
"My mother is a baker, she always goes like this - yum, yum"  - we rub our tummies.
"My father is a trash man, he always goes like this, P-U!" - we hold our noses.
"My sister is a singer, she always goes like this, tra la la la" - we hold our hands up to our mouths like he are holding a microphone.
"My brother is a cowboy, he always goes like this, Yahoo" - we pretend to swing a lasso over our heads.
"My doggy is a licker, he always goes like this, slurp slurp" -we stick out our tongues and make a slurping sound.
"My kitty is a scratcher, she always goes like this, scratch, scratch" - we put our hands in front of us like claws and pretend to scratch down like a cat would.
"My baby is a whiner, he always goes like this, whaaaaaaaaa" - we make fists with our hands and pretend to rub our eyes while we all say whaaa!
"My grandpa is an engineer, he always goes like this, toot, toot" - we pretend to pull a string like a train would have for it's whistle.
"My grandma is a tickler, she always goes like this, tickle tickle" - we pretend to tickle each other.

*Before the song I talk to the boys and girls about pretending to scratch and tickle so no one gets hurt.

Other Dr. Jean Resources:




Greg & Steve

Greg & Steve has tons of great songs and CD's too.

 Kids In Action  

We All Live Together, Vol. 2

We All Live Together, Vol. 4

We especially like Kids in Motion !

Here is a fun activity we do with the song "The Freeze," from Kids in Motion .

Ribbon Dancing to "The Freeze":

  • With this song I give each child a Rainbow Rhythm Ribbon.  We talk about how the ribbons are for dancing with, not hitting people.  If they are used to hit another person then they have to be put away. In this song there are musical breaks, and that is where the children must "freeze" until they hear the music start again.  It is explained in the song but I always go over it too before we start.  Then we play the music and the kids can use the ribbons and dance how ever they like.  I always dance with them so I can demonstrate the "freeze" part. 

*You could use any type of music with this activity, only you would have to pause the music yourself.  You can also do the same activity with or without ribbons.


Hap Palmer

Hap Palmer is a classic when it comes to music in the early childhood environment!

 Learning Basic Skills Through Music Vol. 1

Early Childhood Classics - Old Favorites With A New Twist

One Little Sound - Fun With Phonics And Numbers  

Holiday Magic  

Learning Basic Skills Through Music Volume 2


Jack Hartmann

Another great music resource! I use his CD's all the time!!!

Language Play and Listening Fun for Everyone! Jack Hartmann  

Hip-Hop AlphaBop Jack Hartmann  

Math All Around Me: Making Early Childhood Math Fun Through Music 'N' Movement


The Wiggles

They have a fun interactive website, with games, color sheets, and more.

The Wiggles have a lot of fun CD's the kids love too. Here are some of our favorites. We love to make up actions to them with the kids!

 The Wiggles - Toot Toot!

 Yummy Yummy

 Let's Wiggle


Other Music Resources

Many links to Classic Kids Songs - Contributed by Amy!

Going on a Bear Hunt: 

  • This song has been recorded many times.  We love to use this song during Bear Themes, but basically the idea is to either sit in place or march around the room doing actions to the song such as climb a mountain, the kids pretend to climb a mountain... swim across the river, the kids pretend to swim across the river etc.  I like to use a bear puppet who accompanies us on the Bear Hunt.  You can use the song with or without a recording.  Basically you chant "We're going on a bear hunt" and the children echo you.  Then you come up to all kinds of obstacles... "There is a tall Mountain"  ... "We can't go over it, we can't go under it, we can't go around it, so we will have to climb up it.... reach, reach, reach..."  "Look there's a wide river"...."We can't go over it, we can't go under it, we can't go around it, so we will have to swim across it... swim, splash, stroke..."   The key is repeating the part about we can't go over it etc.  Then after all your obstacles you come to the Cave.  The Deep Dark Cave....  You tip toe into the cave..... "I see two eyes, I see a nose.... "  Then yell "it's a bear!"  Then everyone has to do the reverse off all the actions you have done to get to the cave....  Go back out of the cave, swim across the river, up and down the mountain... back home!  Other obstacles you can add: Tall Grass (swish swish swish) , A Storm (Whooooooo) , Mud! (glop, glop, glop)  There is also a book called We're Going on a Bear Hunt  that is super to use with this activity too!

More Music & Movement Resources



*This is a great resource we use Lynn's music all the time!

find her on the web  




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