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Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting is a  regular part of our preschool day. It's primary purpose is to be a time of community building. We have a special group meeting area in our classroom at our big rug. The rug sits in front of the large dry erase board in my room. Each child has his or her own spot to sit at the rug. My rug has pictures around the edges so it makes it easy for me to direct the children is they are not on their spot. I a\can simply say, "Joey sit on the bike" and Joey knows he needs to go back to his spot, it is very concrete.

Here we gather to "greet" each other and carryout other components of the morning meeting. Our greeting consists of either a hello song, a hand shake, or a name game.

We choose a "star student" every day. I have all the kid's names written on "Star Student Stickers." The kids do a "drum roll" and then I just pull one out each day. When we get through everyone we start again. 

That student is like the special helper for the day. For example, they get to be the line leader, and go first to wash hands for snacks. 




At the start of the week we have a "letter" in the mailbox. (I use the blue Step Two mailbox.) In it is our spotlight letter.  I just put a letter from a bulletin board set and then we add it to our "Word Wall."  This is our modified version of "Letter of the Week." We talk briefly about the letter and what it's sound is and what it looks like. However, most of our letter learning happens in the context of our daily activities and doesn't just focus on one letter, but on the letters that are most meaningful to the children... For example, like the letters in their names. 

Then we read the morning message. Our morning message usually informs the students about our day or asks a question for them to think about and share their responses with each other. I like to use this as a way to engage the children in activities that help them learn more about each other. I might ask questions like, "What is your favorite color?", or "How many letters are in your name?"

The second half of our week the star student gets to find the letter bucket for the spotlight letter and we look at all the things in the bucket that start with that letter. (We have the alphabet buckets that Lakeshore Learning sells.) Here we are really focusing on "hearing the sounds" of the letter and discriminating it from other sounds. Often the children will call an item something different but entirely correct like in the J bucket their is a Jack-o-Lantern. The children always call it a pumpkin, and they are right it is a pumpkin, but then I encourage them to think of another name for it that would have the "J" sound. They love trying to figure out these new names for things.

We do a shared writing activity and I write all the things we have found in the bucket. Then we add other important words to our list like our classmates names that have that letter in it and so on.... Later we hang the list next to the appropriate letter on our word wall.

This is also a time for sharing, singing song and doing finger-plays. 


The Morning Meeting is practiced in many classrooms across the nation! It is a huge movement to have more Responsive Classrooms that help children develop a sense of community. 

Learn more about the Responsive Classroom approach at their website: 

This is the ultimate book for learning to do Morning Meetings!  

A must have additional resource for using Morning Meeting Greetings.


A must have additional resource for using Morning Meeting Messages.


 We use these pointers all the time for Messages, song charts, and calendar.

  Puppets are great for creating interest and gaining attention during Morning Meetings.


This is such a fun microphone. I use it to invite the children to Morning Meetings, Story Time, and for other fun things like celebrating birthdays!


Great for writing Morning Messages on, song charts, and classroom graphs.



You'll find dozen's of uses for these Easel Clips! 

I love my big easel, I use it all the time! 




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