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Bulletin Boards

Monthly Calendar 

by Trend


Posted all the time.

 I use the birthday cards included and post them above the calendar.


Helping Hands




Write jobs on one side and each child has a hand with his or her name on it that can be match to a job.

Big Tree

  by Trend


Posted all year round.

 Change the accessories with the seasons. Such as Colorful Leaves in Fall, Snow Flakes in Winter, Flower Blooms in Spring, And Green Leaves in Summer.

We use it for our themes like 

"It's a Fall Full of COLORS"

We put colorful leaves on it the kids have made.


"A Summer of Fun from A to Z"

a friend made these Alpha Kids but you could have your kids create them for this set.

We have also used it to display the themes we are doing throughout the year by writing each theme on a leaf.

Alphabet Animals



Every Classroom/playroom needs an alphabet bulletin board! These are great because they go with the Alphatales Series!

  by Carlson-Dellosa


This guy is a favorite. We post him next to our  bulletin board " A Fall Full of Colors". We use him to display our art. The leaves above him say "Look What We Did!"




Title: "There's Snow-body Like You!" Hang pictures of the children in your program using a snowflake shape be hind each child's picture kind of as a mat for the picture.



Alphabet Kids

(Made using coloring book pages)

Coloring Sheets can be a great resource for creating unique bulletin boards!


Basic Skills Cards

by Eboo


I found these in a cute little children's toy store once and totally fell in love with them. Now I use them in my classroom!


Snow Bear

by Carson-Dellosa

Title: "Preschool is Snow Much Fun!"

snowbearbb.JPG (61682 bytes)

This is a Carson-Dellosa set. I made the tree using brown construction paper. I just wrinkled it up and then tore it to give it a rough edge look like real tree bark.



(Made using die cut machine)

Title: "We are Wild About School!"

This bulletin board I made when I was student teaching in second grade. You can adapt it to be used for any grade. I added the students pictures to the monkeys after I took the picture.

wildboutgradebb.JPG (62808 bytes)

Birthday Bananas

(Made using die cut machine)


Title: "Go Bananas on Your Birthday!"

This bulletin board goes with the Wild About School board

I made it using Die Cut Letters and the Monkey Die Cut again, and actually just made the bananas on my own.

gobananasbirthdaybb.JPG (60657 bytes)

bananasbdaybb.JPG (61221 bytes)

Here you get a close up look at the trees, I painted Styrofoam balls brown to look like cocoa nuts! The tree is made from crumpled brown paper bags and the leaves are cut from big sheets of bulletin board paper.

monkeybb.jpg (61608 bytes)



Other Bulletin Boards Ideas...


I purchase lots of posters to use for use with different themes.  They are cheap and easy to change often.  Some of the posters I have are a colors poster, a shapes poster, a numbers poster, and a world poster. 



Make Your own! Using an Overhead Projector

Copy or print clip art onto Transparency Film (These transparencies can be found at office supply stores and many can be used with your computers printer or put through a copy machine, Overhead projectors are available at Office Max too, but they can also often be rented at General Rental Places that rent office equipment among other things) then using an overhead trace the image onto a large sheet of tag-board, color & cut out. I bring these to my local printers and have them laminated so they last longer.  

Other Resources



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